Monday, September 24, 2012

i dare you!!


Erk... Ganasnya tajuk.. haha.. Takde apa pun sebenarnya. Cuma saya nak share 1 challenges yang saya jumpa from fames blogger fyna here!. Maybe dah ramai yang tahu pasal challenges ni and dah buat pun. Saya je yang baru perasan. Haiii... lambat! Tapi tak pe la. Sapa yang dah buat tu, jom la kongsi dengan saya. Just leave link blog korang kat ruangan comment di bawah, nanti saya terjah yaa (kalo sudi la ) : D

Cabaran ni terbahagi kepada 3; 10 hari, 20 hari dan 30 hari. Terpulang la kat korang nak buat yang satu. Caranya, korang write / update blog based on the title given according to the challenges given. Contohnya, korang pilih nak buat 15 hari cabaran blog. Hari pertama, korang buat tajuk no.1 dan begitu la seterusnya.

Saya nak buat yang mana? Tajuk -tajuk dalam 10 hari cabaran blog tu rasa macam tak penah cover lagi jekkk~ hehe. tgk la kalo sempat : D

 15 hari cabaran blog

1. Introduce yourself 
2. Explain your current relationship status 
3. If you could only have on wish, what would it be? 
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
5. The most amazing thing that ever happened to you? 
6. Your best friend (s) 
7. Choose lyrics and explain why do you choose them 
8. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? 
9. Someone you look up to 
10. Your family 
11. Google the meaning of your name 
12. A famous person you’ve been compared to 
13. Something that puts a smile on your face no matter what 
14. What are you afraid of? 
15. Describe where you live

30 hari cabaran blog

Day 1 – Your favorite song

Day 2 – Your favorite movie
Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.
Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Day 5 – How important you think education is?
Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
Day 7 – Your dream wedding.
Day 8 – A song to match your mood.
Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.
Day 10 – A photo of our favorite place to eat.
Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?
Day 12 – Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Day 13 – Your views on drugs and alcohol
Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without
Day 16 – Your view on homosexuality.
Day 17 – How you hope your future will be like.
Day 18 – 5 things that irritate ME about opposite / same sex
Day 19 – Your reflection in the mirror
Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.
Day 21 – A photo of something that makes you happy.
Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 23 – 15 facts about you.
Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to you.
Day 25 – Who are you?
Day 26 – A photo of somewhere you want to go.
Day 27 – What kind of person attracts you?
Day 28 – In this past month, what have you learned?
Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.
Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

10 hari cabaran blog
 1. 10 things about you
2. 10 things you love
3. 10 things you hate

4. 10 things you want to say to one person
5. 10 wishes
6. 10 items you can't live without
7. 10 important people
8. 10 of your favourite song
9. 10 ways to win your heart
10. 10 final words

Cabaran 10 Hari 10 Gambar

Day 1 - Your Facebook profile photo.
Day 2 - A photo of yourself a year ago.
Day 3 - A photo of someone you love.
Day 4 - A photo that makes you happy.
Day 5 - A photo of you making a funny face.
Day 6 - A photo of a former crush.
Day 7 - A photo of you and your best friend.
Day 8 - Your most recent photo of you.
Day 9 - A photo of you have taken.
Day 10 - A photo that makes you laugh.


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